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Love Wins

If you don't know me, my name is Rachel. I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister & Friend. The more I thought about blogging, the less I wanted to do it. I honestly have HORRIBLE grammar. But, after a good bit of research, I decided I wanted to give it my best shot, and get started.

For years I have felt misunderstood and alone with a lot of my struggles. This isn't to say I didn't have any one to go to, because I did! I have the most supportive and loving people in my life, especially my husband. I have always felt uneasy about not knowing my "why." Who really am I? I don't want to live life simply going through the motions.

If God is willing, I want to make a difference. I want to reach out to people who may feel broken, alone, and searching for their purpose to tell them that their not alone! I want to create a community that shows love and support to one another.
Carrie Underwood's message in "Love Wins" is …
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8 Ideas When You Need To Spend Time Alone & Recharge

Lets be honest, Sometimes doing things for ourselves just doesn't feel right. We all have a to-do lists that run miles long, children to attend to, and spouses that we need to make sure is getting the love and attention they deserve. 

I wanted to find biblical scripture to support that I need to take care of myself so I can be a Godly wife, mom, & friend. Here's what I found...

Genesis 2:2
"By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work"
This tells me the importance of Rest. While God created the world, he considered it all to be good. And although he did nothing but rest on the seventh Day, it was considered a good thing.

Exodus 20:10
"But the seventh day is a sabbath to the LORD your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns."
When God was giving 10 Principles to his …

A Letter to my Sixteen Year Old Self

I know, at 16 you feel like you know what's best for you. But, let me tell you that the people who love you, are the ones fighting to keep you safe. They are the ones who you probably think are being unfair and over protective. They are trying to protect you from all the hurt and chaos you will create on your own. Trust them, talk to them, and tell them you love them.

Popularity isn't everything. I know you want to be liked, but do not change who you are. Do not lower your standards to meet someone else expectations of you. You are beautiful, loving, and smart. You have so much going for you if you'd only choose to stay on the path of who God has made you to be.

Girls are mean. Unfortunately it doesn't get any better as you get older.. I know, I'm sorry. Learn to see past those mean girls. Know without a doubt they are facing their own insecurities and pains that have nothing to do with you. If anything, be kind to them. Because there's probably no one else in…

3 Reasons I Love Air Scense

Spring cleaning will be here before you know it. I wanted to share a brand that I know I'll be using when I do my spring cleaning. Air Scense has natural essential oils that neutralize unpleasant smells and leave a room smelling fresh! 
I wanted to share with you my 3 top reasons for ditching all air fresheners except Air Scense.

They Are All NaturalI am able to use these sprays around my kids, and my dog without having to worry about them breathing in harmful chemicals. When I received my first box the company provided me with so much information on the benefits of their products. They are very knowledgeable.

They Smell AMAZING!They have 4 scents. Lavender, Vanilla, Orange, & Lime. I personal don't love the scent or taste of oranges. (I know I am crazy). So I took that one to work with me and placed it in the bathroom for someone else to enjoy! The Lavender is my favorite one to use!  also, every 7 oz. can has 3.000 sprays. I mean seriously... my cans have lasted so long!

5 ways to start exercising TODAY

I have learned to love to exercise. Not because I want to be super skinny and look good in a bathing suit... (because after 3 years of consistent exercise I still don't feel like I look great in a bathing suit!)But I work out because it uplifts me and makes me feel so good. So if you're someone who is super stressed, maybe a little depressed or anxious, or you're just looking to better your over all health-don't wait. Start today!

Set your self up for success
Take a look at your schedule and figure out where you can dedicate 20-30 Minutes to exercising. If that seems impossible, just start with 10-20 minutes and set goals to slowly increase your duration from there. I know this seems silly to actually carve out time, but it will help you be more successful and realistic with your goals.

Set goals, and find a partner or friend to hold you accountable when you first start. It can feel a little bit miserable at first, but I promise there will come a time when …

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17 Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Day: February 17, also known as Random Act of Kindness Day, is a day to practice kindness and pay it forward.I think we sometimes are so busy in our every day lives, we just forget to be kind to others. If you're anything like me, you may over complicate kindness. I typically think kindness has to be some sort of huge gesture. But, I have come to realize that if I were more aware of my actions and my surroundings I wouldn't miss opportunities to bless someone else. I try to be aware of my surroundings and show kindness in everything I do. But there are many days that I fail. If you really think about it, God gives us daily opportunities to show people the same type of love that he has shown us. That's right... DAILY. So every day, we have a choice to be people focused, or self focused. And I don't know about you but I want to do better at being people focused. After all, it's what I believe I'm commanded to do. 

Ephesians 4:31-32 (CSB) Le…

10 Ways To Spread Love this Valentines

What is Valentines Day? Valentines day is a significant cultural, commercial, and religious celebration of romance and romantic love.

What does it mean to me? When your goal is to Live Loved Valentines Day seems so much more exciting. This is a day where I can really express my love for the people in my life without it being too creepy. Not just my spouse. But my parents, my kids, my friends, my co-works, etc.

What can I do to Glorify God? Most importantly recognize that we love because he first loved us. - 1 John 4:19. I think we naturally take advantage of Love. We take advantage if ?God's Love too.  But it is one of our greatest blessings. And because of his great Love we have been saved. I think the best way to Glorify God on Valentines day is simply thanking him for his relentless love. And all him to  spread that love to others through us.

10 Ways To Spread LOVE

1. Send a  text and let those you love know it! There is something special about someone taking time out of the…